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Sustainable Energy First: your co-pilot on the road to Net Zero

Picture this: you’re bidding for a new contract but now, as well as all the other accreditations you’re expected to have in place, like ISO 9001, the pre-qualification questionnaire you’ve been sent is demanding that you declare your Carbon Footprint and supply a copy of your Carbon Reduction Plan.

Without these, you won’t be able to join the client’s supply chain. This is fast becoming more and more common, and if it’s not something you’re experiencing already, it soon will be.

Large corporates and public bodies with Net Zero targets are increasingly looking to understand and reduce carbon emissions in their supply chains. 

They typically do this by demanding that their biggest suppliers and contractors commit to undertaking actions that are designed to measure and reduce carbon emissions. In turn, these businesses pass-on the same demands to their suppliers, and, eventually, emissions reporting and reduction requirements are cascaded all the way down the entire supply chain to even the smallest companies, including yours. 

Whether you’re already under pressure to demonstrate your commitment to Net Zero, or are seeking to get ahead of the curve, we can help.

A Net Zero roadmap that’s fit for you: meaningful, achievable targets

Net Zero isn’t about completely eliminating carbon emissions from your business, that would be impractical and unaffordable. It’s also not just about purchasing carbon offsets. And it’s definitely not about setting arbitrary target dates that are plucked out of thin air.


Instead, it’s about taking action to identify the carbon emissions you are responsible for (directly and indirectly), measuring these, setting achievable targets for reducing them backed by a credible step-by-step plan, executing that plan, and reporting on your progress.


If you’re not sure where to start, or how to approach this, that’s where we can help. We’ll work closely with you to create a Net Zero roadmap that works for you, providing you with the evidence you’ll need to pass back up the supply chain to show that you’re playing your part.

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  • Net Zero Consultancy
  • ISO10464 part 1 and 3 consultancy (across GHG scopes 1, 2 and 3)
  • Energy procurement
  • Bill validation and reporting
  • Revenue recovery
  • Compliance (SECR and ESOS)
  • Metering

“Sustainable Energy First have always gone above & beyond to help us achieve everything we have set out to do. The dedication from our account management at Sustainable Energy First has been second to none.

Throughout the last year Sustainable Energy First have been key to finalising numbers & strategy documents, which was challenging as there are different and changing regulations from independent bodies and government.

Sustainable Energy First supported through the difficult period when the energy crisis hit the world in October 2021 when energy prices went up by 400% overnight, by working with a consortium & securing our energy from the wholesale market, Sustainable Energy First helped CBS avoid an additional £1.9M electricity bill for 2022.”

Sophie Mason

Energy & Sustainability Lead, Coventry Building Society

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