Guide to Revenue Recovery

Revenue recovery is a way to take control of utility spending, create a funding pot for sustainability and net zero projects, as well as ensuring your billing and emissions reporting is correct.

Guide to

Corporate power purchase agreements (CPPAs) have become a popular choice for organisations looking to transition to a green energy supply and meet climate change targets.

Net zero resources

Net zero guide

Businesses that commit to net zero are playing an essential part in the fight against climate change. On the way, they often find they solve other problems, such as cutting unnecessary costs, improving processes and strengthening relationships. We have created this guide to explain the basics of net zero and start you on your journey.

Project Net Zero

Project Net Zero was created by Sustainable Energy First as a platform for climate action. The platform breaks down board level energy and carbon policy, net zero news and climate data, into plain English with actionable insights – so all organisations can make a difference to the UK’s goal of net zero.

Guide to

Our guide explains exactly what TCFD reporting is and why it matters to your organisation. Crucially, it also explains what is coming next: how the SDR will work and what to expect.

Guide to
scope 1-3 emissions

Whether you are reporting under a mandatory scheme such as SECR or setting a voluntary net zero target, your emissions should be categorised into scopes. So what are the three scopes?

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