A large water electricity dam
A large water electricity dam

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Our sustainable energy first approach turns enriched full scope data and insights, into sustainable projects and services to decarbonise business, and create a sustainable future for your business.

We do it

We start with data. We validate it. We enrich it. We gain insights from it.

Data has always been the cornerstone of what Sustainable Energy First delivers, and our data-led approach unveils opportunities to save organisations carbon and costs.

Sustainability teams

Our teams and technology share one common goal: to deliver a positive impact for people and planet. We call it our sustainability ecosystem.

It’s woven into everything we do.


Our data and utility expense management teams take your billing data, enrich it, analyse and validate it, and in turn create accurate site billing and data baselines.

Renewable energy and carbon trading

We work with clients to ensure that your renewable energy is fit for your growth requirements, attitude to risk and, most importantly, energy budget.


Covering all aspects of site works, metering services and connections, whether you are experiencing business growth, consolidation or relocation.

and net zero

An accredited team of specialists supporting businesses through the complexities of compliance, carbon reduction, and net zero goals.


Uncovering lost revenue through a forensic audit of your historical utility billing, giving you a fund for sustainability project investment.
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Data can be overwhelming, and sometimes feels like an ocean to wade through. That’s why we have a dedicated team working on all types of energy and emissions data to create economic and environmental opportunities for our clients.

Our data team acquires your different streams of data and make sure it’s complete and clean, with assured management and validation.

Then, using a range of tools and technologies, we enrich it with various data points such as building size and local weather conditions, to give a full picture of your energy use and emissions across your portfolio of sites.

The result? A sound and organised data set to create a reporting baseline to work from. Data is at the heart of everything we do.


Once we’ve enriched your data, our energy and carbon team develop tailored reports for your business. We create on-demand insights and delve into a range of actionable objectives to reduce energy and carbon waste.

This data-driven insight shows us the forest, as well as the trees. We identify opportunities that will have the biggest impact on achieving your goal. We’ll also create an intelligent plan that breaks down how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

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Your data and insights build the business case for practical, affordable and sometimes ambitious, sustainability projects.

This might be an on-site generation project combined with battery storage, and optimised building management systems. A full 360 approach to decarbonising your business operations.

Whatever the project, our energy and carbon management team can take care of the process. We can support you through a range of funding routes. We can even help you recover revenue from historical utility billing errors; unlocking a sustainability budget that you didn’t know you had.

Where necessary, we’ll co-ordinate with our trusted technology partners, saving you time, resources and energy. And all analysed regularly with pro-active, goal-orientated, reporting to track, measure and adjust against goals.


We estimate that our current client base comprises 3.3% of the total UK business CO2e footprint.