A white spiral stair case, with a woman walking down it.
A white spiral stair case, with a woman walking down it.

we do

Our sustainability ecosystem puts our clients, people and technology at the heart of every project we do.

Our clients collectively comprise 3.3% of the total UK business CO2e footprint
We helped reduce one client’s greenhouse gas emissions by 57%

Our ecosystem

An illustration of a sustainability ecosystem

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. 125 skilled, experienced, and passionate sustainability change makers working together to create bold, responsible and innovative solutions for economic and environmental outcomes for clients.


Our platforms provide clients with intuitive and instant access to energy management, carbon reporting and energy trading information across their site portfolio. We harness your data to track, measure and report on your energy and utility management. We’ll build insights and recommendations into bill validation, forecasting, hedging, recharging or carbon emission reporting.


Over 25 years we’ve built great relationships with certified and experienced carbon reduction partners. Our partners work with us to optimise your energy consumption and help meet your net zero goals. The technologies cover a wide range of solutions, from battery storage and voltage optimisation to vetted carbon offsetting projects.


From traditional bureau bill validation services to full sustainability programmes, we have a full suite of solutions that deliver economic and environmental benefits to your organisation.

“The firm’s employees are proud of its record on protecting the environment, scoring 83% positive, in 10th place among our Best Small Companies to Work For”

The Sunday Times 2020