Climate risk reporting and milestones to net zero – our energy news round up

Welcome to the latest roundup of news and news and advice from BiU’s Energy Advice Hub, covering the latest insights on climate change and net zero, as well as a short guide to climate risk reporting, or TFCD; which will soon become mandatory for some organisations. If you need advice on your company’s energy challenges get in touch.

Phase out fossil fuel boilers by 2025 to reach net zero, says landmark report

The International Energy Agency’s new report sets out crucial milestones that will need to be met to reach net zero by 2050, including the phase out of fossil fuel boilers.

Industry experts call for 2030 renewable targets

Renewable UK’s new report says the government needs to set clear milestones for the development and adoption of renewable technology by 2030 if it is to meet its 2050 net zero target.

A quick guide to TFCD reporting

Companies will soon have to report on the impact of climate change on their business. We’ve put together an easy explainer.

Councils with net zero pledges represent a third of the UK population

58 local authorities to date have signed up to the UK100 Net Zero Pledge, representing 23.5 million people in the UK.