Solar panels during sunset.
Solar panels during sunset.


We work with clients to ensure that your renewable energy contracts and procurement options meet your growth requirements, attitude to risk and, most importantly, energy budget.
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Does your business want to access true renewable energy, and transition to a sustainable economic and environmental future?

Yes? That’s great, we share your values for a sustainable energy first approach.

Are you consuming
30,000 MWh per year, or more?


Then a bespoke flexible supply contract is probably more suitable for you. We will work with you to purchase renewable power and gas directly with generators in your own right through CPPAs and GPAs.


We will work with you to join one of our 100% renewable consortiums that can deliver green power and gas through multiple sources.

Renewable energy with CPPAs and GPAs

Our renewable energy team is ideally placed to manage power and gas purchasing agreements (CPPAs / GPAs), whether they are fixed, flexible or corporate in nature. We’ll also manage your on-site renewable assets with generation profiles and projections.

A CPPA is an energy contract between an organisation and a generator of renewable power. By linking your energy supply to a specific green energy producer, you can identify where your power is generated and show that it is from renewable sources. This transparency can’t be rivalled by a contract with a standard energy supplier.



In 2021 we managed the procurement of enough energy to power all 27 million homes in the UK for a day.
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Benefits of PPAs

  • Carbon zero – makes your business more sustainable by providing green energy directly from source, forming part of your ESG strategy and journey towards net zero
  • Additionality – results in new renewable capacity being brought online
  • Price protection – long term price security, protecting you from market volatility and allowing you to budget and plan for a sustainable future
  • Security of supply – a long term agreement (10 or 15 years) means you’ll be able to count on having green energy for the duration of your contract
  • Portability – it’s your contract to take with you if you move supplier

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