Net Zero Business Blueprint survey by energyst

With the usual actors in climate change making their voices heard recently that post C-19 needs to have a climate change focused urgency, and the government under increasing pressure to take action with a C-19 recovery plan centralized around the UK’s net zero goals, now is the time to make sure your business’ voice is heard. 

A group of 57 charities, which include The National Trust, WWF and Oxfam, which represent over 22 million members, have written to the government to urge them that any coronavirus related bailouts should be subject to a business’s commitment to a green UK, through low-carbon infrastructure, green jobs and green energy. 

Despite a stark reduction in carbon emissions seen during the peak of the global impact of C-19, emissions have started to rise, and a ‘normal’ is starting to return across the world. Not great news for net zero ambitions. 

The energyst has drawn up a survey for all organisations to contribute to a Business Blueprint for Net Zero. Covering how you feel sustainability aligns to business recovery post COVID-19, through to investment comments on a green focused recovery. 

The survey won’t just be a data collection exercise, it’s designed to be presented to BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) amidst them building the UK’s roadmap to net zero over. Contributors to the survey will also receive a copy of the research. 

Make sure you have your say here.