Press Release: Online ‘Energy Hub’ launched to tackle firms’ energy and carbon challenges

The Energy Advice Hub will be a ‘go-to’ resource for independent advice, news and information on energy legislation and compliance as well as other carbon reduction drivers.

BIU, the UK’s leading energy and utility consultancy has launched an online information hub to guide companies of all shapes, and, sizes from a range sectors, through new carbon reporting legislation and share energy efficiency best practice.

Changing carbon reporting landscape

The Energy Advice Hub – was conceived in response to a complex and changing set of energy laws that UK firms must now comply with.

The latest change to affect business is the government’s new reporting programme (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) that will replace the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. Large employers will also be expected to comply with phase 2 of ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme), the government’s flagship energy efficiency initiative.

In addition, the government is also in the process of moving from compensation to exemption for businesses categorised as Energy Intensive Industries (EII) – a move which is set to impact the bills of all UK companies.

The Energy Advice Hub aims to provide updates and guidance on all of these changes as they become law.

Beyond compliance

The Energy Advice Hub will also help firms to go beyond basic compliance and identify real commercial opportunities from energy efficiency. It will answer questions on a range of topics, such as smart energy procurement, energy management strategies and low carbon technologies.

“We recognised the need for a comprehensive information resource that would help companies make smart choices on energy challenges,” says Anthony Mayall, Commercial Director at BIU. “Whether you are an energy manager, an FM, a C-suite professional, or you’re running an SME, we’re committed to delivering content on the energy topics that matter to you and your organisation.”

Learn more by visiting the Energy Advice Hub.