Celebrating being 98!

Did you know:

  • HRH Duke of Edinburgh is 98 years old
  • 98.6 Fahrenheit is the average body temperature
  • We do over 98 checks on our invoices
  • A bugs life was released in 1998 by Pixar
  • 98 is the atomic number for californium (sounds fancy!)
  • We have a few members of staff born in 1998 (making some of us feel old)!
  • Our IT team is pleased our systems don’t run on Windows 98 anymore
  • Does anyone remember Furbys? Yep, they arrived to annoy all parents in the UK in 1998!
  • 98 is a Wedderburn-Etherington number (your guess is as good as ours to what that means!)
  • The phone of the year in 1998 was the Nokia 6120 – did that one have snake on it?
  • The iMac (the blueberry one) was launched in 1998 (some of us are old and cool enough to have owned one!)
  • We were established in 1997 … nearly 98… okay, we may be stretching this list at this point.
  • But guess who was founded in 1998 – Google. We were in good company it seems.
  • We’ve had over 98 articles now on our Energy Advice Hub #Knowledge
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of a Secrets was published in 1998
  • There are 98 steps between our front door and our CEO’s office (yes we checked)

BiU is The Sunday Times 98th best Small Company to Work for in the UK in 2020. Probably should have started with that one.