Seeing double ISOs for BiU

This year sees BiU, commercial energy consultant based on the Fylde Coast, reach double ISO success for quality management through ISO 9001, and environmental management with ISO 14001.

ISO 9001 doesn’t just help with efficient internal processes, it focuses around delivering a set quality standard of service to BiU’s range of private and public sector clients as well as improving their customer experience with the company.

Each audit comes with a set of objectives, with the company setting the bar for the next 12 months including targets tailored to the business, such as data completeness of billing information to commitments of developments in the in-house built energy management platform, BiU Fusion. BiU achieved the highest level of pass for ISO 9001 due to the work undertaken to improve year on year.

Shaun Clarkson, chief operating officer and head of ISO 9001 at BiU, remarked “The ISO quality team work incredibly hard every year to deliver our quality objectives and maintain processes to ensure that we deliver effective services to our clients.”

Shaun continued “We’ve outlined a suite of objectives for the next 12 months for every aspect of the business to aid our continuous improvement cycle and business decision making.”

Concurrently with ISO 9001, the company continued its commitment to the internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard. The second ISO, headed by BiU’s chief commercial officer Anthony Mayall, focuses on the environmental responsibilities of the company with the framework helping with efficient use of resources, such as energy and paper, and how to reduce waste and enable behavioural change.

In the recent Best Companies national table of Best Companies to Work For, BiU were rated 93% positive by staff for having a good social conscious, which ISO 14001 strives to support.

Anthony Mayall, CCO, commented “ISO 14001 allows us to be accountable to our staff as well as show our clients we’re committed to a sustainable workplace at BiU. We’ve implemented a wide range of initiatives already from a 100% no landfill waste service, installing LED lighting, to a centrally controlled tech solution to reduce wasted energy generated from inactive computer screens.”

He continued, “The work the team have undertaken in the last 12 months, and objectives for the next, see changes in the way we purchase responsibly, holding suppliers to account, as well as supporting behavioural changes in daily activities that impact the environment from the way we commute to how we use and dispose of resources on-site.”

BiU’s ISO objectives and processes help build the program for their own net zero emission journey as well as aid in the efficient delivery of services to a range of industrial, public sector and commercial clients. The ISO success comes in the same year as the company created its first cross-departmental environmental purchasing policy team and sustainability team, both driving sustainable and ethical change now and for the future.