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August’s energy roundup: hydrogen strategy to damning climate change news

We’ve unpacked the key points from government’s new hydrogen strategy (it’s an easy read!), and we’ve also got advice on how your business can take action in response to the latest damning evidence on climate change.  Those articles and more are below, and if you need advice on your company’s energy challenges, get in touch.

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IPCC report: the message is stark, but there is hope

If we act quickly, we can still avoid catastrophe. Scientists are hopeful that if we can cut global emissions in half by 2030 and reach net zero by the middle of this century, we can halt and possibly reverse the rise in temperatures.

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Could ESOS and SECR become more closely aligned?

ESOS and SECR have coexisted for over two years, with separate but closely related aims. Now the government is consulting on wide-ranging changes to ESOS which could not only strengthen the scheme, but bring it into closer alignment with SECR.

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The UK government’s COP26 to-do list

The UK government’s COP26 to-do list is large, and the reality of the UK’s progress on emissions cuts is lagging behind the ambition. As we prepare to host this crucial climate conference, what should we doing to prove that our goals are realistic?

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30 years of UK wind energy

This year marks the 30th year of wind energy generation in the UK. From 10 turbines in Cornwall, a site now owned by Good Energy, to the recent install of Ørsted’s 1000th, located in the North Sea.

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