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The race to net zero cities

For cities and the organisations that work within them, failing to set clear targets and take decisive, quantified action is simply not an option if they value their public perception.

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Fueling social housing

A growing range of sustainable energy options is now being explored by UK housing providers looking to manage mounting overheads, reduce carbon footprint, provide a higher quality of home for their residents, and alleviate problems of fuel poverty.

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Smart meters – your starting point for energy efficiency

The rollout of smart meters across the UK has floundered badly, with early ambitions to have completed this year now dead in the water. If yours is one of the thousands of organisations that are still using manual metering, you are still shooting in the dark when it comes to your energy efficiency efforts.

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How we can support the public sector in the journey to net zero

There is still significant doubt within the public sector as to what the definition of Net Zero and Carbon Neutral really are. In order to understand your end goal, it is essential that you fully understand the requirements and stages to achieve before you to start out on your journey, in order to control the financial impact on your bottom line.

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Volatile times: how COVID-19 is affecting wholesale energy prices

In the world of global trading, last week made history: for the first time ever, US oil prices dropped below zero and went into negative figures. Oil producers were literally paying buyers to take the oil off their hands. We all know that the COVID-19 virus has had a devastating impact on the world economy, but how exactly did we get to this point?

A set of evergreen tree tops in a cloudy setting

Understanding the challenge of net-zero and decarbonisation

The net-zero reality is that an effective strategy should be at the core of any responsible business. Here, we lay out just what the process of decarbonisation and the journey to net-zero means to the UK as a whole, as well as the potential cost benefits of acting promptly.

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ESOS phase 2: lessons learned

BiU are proud to have helped 100% of clients meet the 2019 December 5th deadline and achieve compliance. The work starts now on ensuring our clients gain real value from the audits and recommendations – by implementing carbon reduction strategies that more than pay for the cost of compliance.

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